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Submitted on: Dec 09, 2018 at 01:30 PM


Information about yourself - Let us get to know you!

23 , pol/ger grew up in ireland , im finishing my second degree part time and i work at google as an sre,im looking to do a masters degree part time after that

Race and Class
Nightborne Mage
A screenshot of your UI: (You can upload to
- Do you have a working microphone?


Stats - Please explain your stats priority and explain why you are using these

mastery for stacked aoe/cleave something like coven / great for ignite dmg stacking
crit for more consistency
haste to increase uptime
vers late game dmg amplifier

i dont have a set of stats i could give you here, so I explained how I see them and id adjust them to the fight if I have the gear to do it

Talents - Please explain your talent choices for different type of fights. And why you choose these talents.

T15- firestarter for late game/high hp bosses/low crit build to increase uptime
-searching touch for execute and/or great mobility

T30 - shimmer better mobility staple pick

T45 - incanters flow static dmg amplifier , rune of power is something i prefer to play with more over IF because it lets me plan my dmg windows more
i would still use rune of power on some high mobility fights even dogs in mythic antorus scoring a 91 parse regardless

T60 flame on is great for maintaining the BM buff its being nerfed in 8.1 which will balance out the fire mage traits but more on that when it gets there
alexstraszas fury isnt something i use anymore since legion its a bit lack luster compared to the other two options
id use phoenix flames in m+

T75 frentic speed its my go to for more mobility , the other two options is something id use for fights like aggramar where adds need to be controlled more

T90 conflag is a goto for singletarget it doesnt add much dps but its the only option there is for st , living bomb is my goto for aoe and flame patch is amazing for stacked aoe where the targets dont move much

T100 meteor is currently better with higher gear pyroclasm will be more favorable
kindling will be only used when there are required timed burst windows but even then im not sure if it will outshine pyroclasms "consistent" dmg output but having said that i cant predict raids that havent been released this expa

Resources - Please tell us sources you follow to keep up to date with your class

altered time
icy veins
twitch (rarely use it)

Your raiding history

NH 7/10m (guild disbanded due to a lack of players on nordrassil)

8/8m xp
6/8m kills still dont have fetid :/ because of how our guild was handled and ofc ghuun

Guild history and reason for leaving them

i started in Void zone on nordrassil but due to a lack of players and team interest moved silvermoon then ravencrest and kazzak in the end
Void zone disbanned after trying hard to keep the guild going after botanist

Crimson wake is where i got my CE on helya the guild disbanded because the gm moved to horde

iron bro is a guild on draenor that ended up making many players quit or leave due to drama , i ended up leaving shortly after mistress or maiden i think

Valor is where i got my CE on KJ it was a 2day raiding guild, i ended up leaving because my schedule changed and i wasn't able to make it anymore, the guild ended up disbanding because the gm moved to horde

from Valor i myself moved horde before this happened and joined a few guilds for trail seeing if i like playing there such as Laidback getting coven and Valimantris within an hour but it wasnt the place for me so i ended up moving to somewhat normal , which then became known as disappointments after we remade the guild for bfa

Expectations - What do you expect from us and what can we expect from you!

some faith and a chance to find a new team despite my mage having no value, only 1 guild has offered me a spot but due to an old raider returning he has priority which i understand the guild is called santa maria

i dont expect a ghuun kill because of what happened this tier ive accepted its rip for me

Freetext - Anything else you wish to add? Your last chance to impress us!

ive decided to play a priest because the guild needed it and it was something I wanted to try in legion but never got a chance to
we ended up losing our holy paladin at the start of BFA, I filled for him when we needed an extra healer
my priest logs are a huge mess, I was healing holy/disc in shadow gear with no healing trinkets

I was gearing for shadow since I was a dps, but I healed mostly during prog and never really got to practice shadow
when I wasn't healing I would end up sitting because of shadows lack of dmg compared to the rest of our team and to speed up our prog
our gm just got up and left on one of our raid nights which id rather not get into because his reasons were genuine but he could have given us a better warning

from what I could see this was known since our ghuuns kill , the rest of the team didn't get the kill we "farmed gear" then people stopped showing up to raids and then we were told the following week about him leaving so it just looks bad from my perspective, i just think it could have been handled better


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