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Submitted on: Feb 11, 2019 at 04:57 AM


Information about yourself - Let us get to know you!

Nothing really exciting to say. I live in the easy of England with a wife, child & dog. I work as an IT Manager for a vehicle engineering company so as you can guess, I see very little daylight!

When not working/playing I'm picking up the pieces from a house renovation (Reason for slow BFA Progress & 5 weeks away...Thanks BT!) or mountain biking in the local forest area

Race and Class
Pandaren Monk
A screenshot of your UI: (You can upload to
- Do you have a working microphone?

Yes - Headset with Mic

Stats - Please explain your stats priority and explain why you are using these

Stat Weight
Intellect 1.00
Critical Strike 0.97
Haste 0.60
Mastery 0.79
Versatility 0.94

As you'll see above, my stat priority/weight is generated through using the "Teaching of the Red Crane" spreadsheet available through & Monk Discord. These weights are based on talent selection & previous logs entered into the sheet. Anyway the reasoning why.

Intellect - Main stat - more int = more spell power, more spell power = more potent heals. Nothing really out of the ordinary here.
Crit - Monks scale very well with Crit, being able to pump alot of direct healing into a target. Critical strike although a little RNG based still offers a huge addition to healing
Vers - Generally increases the potency of my abilities. With the added bonus of reducing damage taken.
Mastery - Adds a small second heal to a handful of my spells to the target. Although nice to have it isnt a sizeable heal to the point you'd want to chase this down as a primary stat
Haste - Monks (at least for raiding) don't tend to chase haste down. With the class being mana sensitive anyway all haste really offers is a way to burn through this faster. I normally feel comfortable with around 8-10% as it makes the class flow better. Any more and i need more water!

Talents - Please explain your talent choices for different type of fights. And why you choose these talents.

Generally my build stays the same unless there is a niché that requires something else so here goes

Lvl 15 - Chi Burst - This is a free AoE heal that projects forwards. Normally enough melee are stacked for this to be a worthwhile ability
Lvl 30 - Chi Torpedo - General increased mobility to avoid fire!
Lvl 45 - Mana Tea - 50% reduced mana cost for its duration. I can normally time this for heavy damage periods to ease the mana drain that Monks struggle with
Lvl 60 - Ring of Peace - General utility mob management
Lvl 75 - Diffuse Magic / Dampen Harm - Either of these are viable at reducing a large amount of damage, the choice being related to what type of damage is incoming most through an encounter
Lvl 90 - Summon Jade Serpent Statue - Who doesnt love a green spinning snake? Anyway this statue channels a small heal on my last Soothing Mist target. Normally great for throwing on the active tank or a focus target taking big damage
Lvl 100 - Upwelling - Never ever stray from this! Amazing buff to my Essence Font. Increasing the bolts going out & duration. Ultimately healing more of the raid & leaving more HoTs active.

Lvl 15 - Mist Wrap - I may swap to this if there is an incredibly high demand for single target healing over raid healing
Lvl 30 - Tiger's Lust - If another class is struggling with mobility this can aid in getting a target out of trouble
Lvl 45 - Spirit of the Crane - Being able to stand in melee with healing downtime I can use this to both regen mana & subsequently additional damage onto the target
Lvl 60 - Depending on what CC is required
Lvl 90 - Invoke Chi-Ji - This can be used as a minor raid CD should there be a missing CD to cover damage patterns & single target healing is covered

Resources - Please tell us sources you follow to keep up to date with your class

I use the following: - Amazing Monk resourse, a website full of information

Peakofserenity Discord - a more active version of the above

Teachings of the red crane spreadsheet - The closest a healer can get to simming their character! - Used for picking holes in my performance & where to improve

General utility -, & (Video guides.

Your raiding history

Cleared everything whilst current except Sunwell & Lady Vashj

Cleared all content whilst current

Started Bastion of Twilight & Blackwing Descent but wife's pregnancy got to a stage that raiding full time & setting up a family life had an impact. I went and played very casually at this point

Pure filthy casual with the occasional nappy change & feeding time

Came back to raiding, started slowly with a heroic 2/week guild clearing Highmaul & BrF Heroic
With the release of HFC I stepped back up and joined another mythic guild, clearing all fights ending with a CE Archimonde kill

During the transition into Legion the guild I was in went through a merger (In hindsight it was rough!).....Anyway
Emerald Nightmare: CE Xavius
Trial of Valor: Guarm mythic
Nighthold: Elisande Mythic
Tomb of Sargeras:Managed to down Maiden of Vigilence mythic and some progress on Avatar
Antorus: The merger finally fell through and I moved to anothe guild clearing CE Argus on a 2/week schedule

Uldir: 5/8M with a casual approach during IRL commitments
BoD: 5/9H through pugging since my return on 4th Feb

Guild history and reason for leaving them

Starting back from WoD as my memory is hazy years prior to that

Pulse: Highmaul/BrF - Left as I moved back into Mythic Raiding
Without A Doubt: HFC-Tomb of Sargeras - This was the merger guild, it went through a few name changes & leadership changes in its existance, ultimately falling apart
Team Epic: Antorus - Taking on the house renovation I didnt have time to commit to their increased 3/week schedule that was being implemented for BFA release.
Fury: Current guild - I joined to keep my hand in raiding whilst working on other projects, now they're over and I have my time back i'm aiming to get back into Mythic progression raiding on a more serious level

Expectations - What do you expect from us and what can we expect from you!

What you can expect from me:

I play this game for one primary reason - raiding & progress. As such I invest alot more time that just "raid time", researching encounters prior to raiding, searching on how I can best perform & contribute to the encounter and ultimately bringing 100% focus & readiness (Weak Auras, consumables, customisations to boss mods for highlighting key abilities). After a raid i'll spend either that evening or the following morning going through the logs to see what went wrong both with my play & the general raid execution to find what and where we can improve.

What I expect from you:

I expect a stable & mature environment during pulls with little downtime for games & general slacking. Although i fully support blowing off steam during breaks & long runs back, there is a time to shut up and focus. I look to play with a raid team that all bring their A game every night, no excuses time after time like "I didnt have time to buy flasks" or "Potions are too expensive". We all look to play at a high level and with that comes the understanding that there is an investment to min/max your character & their performance.

Freetext - Anything else you wish to add? Your last chance to impress us!

You'll hopefully see my ability through my history & (Although BoD has been rough, i'd suggest looking closer at the Uldir logs as an example). I have only had to put the game aside for life priorities twice in 14 years, once for a baby, the other for a house so I play consistently. Not a FotM player putting a class down during each patch or sub/unsub for content.

My monk was created for Antorus where the raid team had 3 paladins & no monks. I took the jump to give myself a new challenge & reefresh as I knew i was complacent with my ability on the paladin. My paladin is where you'll find 90% of my historical progression. This character was made in Mount Hyjal where everybody needed that consecration for trash (RIP my warrior). I stayed tanking until Cataclysm when I went Holy and you'll see i've been healing ever since.

I am currently working on my neck ilvl as i missed 5 weeks 24th Dec - 4th Feb....Thanks to BT for screwing up my address move & service.


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